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Man we DNT care about you funky bishes
LocaKokiiz  16 F
should have got 3 .. black.
Ok n u r?????
OlhosVerde  18
Zay told me not to wipe well when he eats it from the back
Roachonyabed  38
U was n0t! eva like dat wth Me
I just ate some **** rice and eggs I should make some oatmeal with raisins
LocaKokiiz  16 F
sips star bucks caramel macchiato with 2 shtz of espresso.. and drizzle.
Slimwoman  82 M
If a dude don't mean me no good ...he won't be with me I'm happy now
Buzzle_707  93 F
OlhosVerde  18
Zay wanna eat it from the back n put his nose all in my but ole
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