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you can't claim a woman who ain't even show you her tiddies on cam yet
catfishzay3  75
Out that's cuz they no about her already it's funky and no good
GReeneyesz  33 F
Ooh i hope not BG.. hope its just a bad cold..the flu is no joke
Chazybaby00  39 M
You a man without a face
catfishzay3  75
How u been waiting on a chat dude for 3 years but no 1 n yo hood check u
Chazybaby00  39 M
Certified_Steppa  58 M
Lol, I'm a man
Certified_Steppa  58 M
Lol she talking to them calling them boys
catfishzay3  75
She a ok looking girl with a unwanted pitsee
babygirl371976  43 F
me too I think it's the flu
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