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Geneomac1  44 M
lol anybody seen my gf today?
Noah-Lix  18 M
And they did not kill him for certain.
blueberries and coffee don't sound like a good mix
Noah-Lix  18 M
They have no knowledge of it except the following of assumption.
Oldstyleman  49 M
They don't know about the skape goat!
Blac_ScroLLz  91
Too many carbs in Bagels
ms_egypt  34 F
NOOO i study ALL religions...ALL4,000 of them LMAO
Noah-Lix  18 M
resemble him to them. And indee those who differ over it are in doubt
Blac_ScroLLz  91
I got a new home DIY project...@ Kobeey what are you doing today?
kobeey  52 M
U don’t like Bagels with with tht flavored cream cheese u missing out Lol
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