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GFLY44  44
kokiz dont make me bring out the baby powder lol
Rico_5mooth252  32
Paterson a cake walk compared to Trenton ... Love em Both tho
Kingdhck2012  35 M
Oh ok wanted to know if Frank was still ganking nikkas fo they money
Kokiz-_-  16 F
Bien lokos
Rico_5mooth252  32
I come down to check out Burns and my Earth. From time to time
Kokiz-_-  16 F
U ain't got no authority
GFLY44  44
Paterson Nj 973 fam
Daniel2333  28
I wish my husband would stop saying he will do something and Then not do it
brb I know y'all banning this profile & I'm not prepared for it, so bbiaf ok
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