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Angela-Louisiana  45 F
again lmao dee said you rang her none stop
Angela-Louisiana  45 F
do so gave you dee's coz didnt like her anyway lmao didnt hear from you
Belfastguy1980  39 M
Whoz zoe now fs WTF
xmentalistx  39 F
Bloody gerra round dunt they eh Kel... lol
Angela-Louisiana  45 F
i wont call you again i didnt have it said ive got dee's you said that will
XxBIackSheepxX  34 F
Lol I have lots of pics in my pros I just wont ever add u
killerkel  F
He wasn't that important at the time babe he was to busy with Zoe
Angela-Louisiana  45 F
lol belf you said to me i will do you a deal give me mandys number
Belfastguy1980  39 M
As i said i avnt bn on ere in 6years
Angela-Louisiana  45 F
lol cant remember
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