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Eswift  45 M
They don't have the answer..idk
Biron5757  M
Eric youve gone on ignore from everyone smhl
Eswift  45 M
Not here every wackjob "showed no signs" passed the checks"
Eswift  45 M
We're talking america..
jinxdagrinch  38
It works here
Eswift  45 M
Are u saying u can trust a background check?
unreasonable posts now lmao
Eswift  45 M
The govt is takin our rights ! Our guns!! . Let's shoxot 150 ppl
Biron5757  M
So eric every hood rat hite there intended target with no loss of innocent
chillzbill  59
ok..well...good luck with all that...gotta fly..have fun people
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