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Fireitup011  45 M
Flat earthers have chapter's all around the globe Byron
Socalizfinest20  101 M
No flat earther here. That virus is spreading and china are shady af
IrritatingTGUNN  98 M
Yeah Jeff I saw the forecast for central new your state for the weekend I guess in the Adirondacks is up to 5'
b_yronpt3  57 M
Flat earthers. Gotta love em
Fred---  26 M
Fred better than Kante. Fred will be the best player in the league
Socalizfinest20  101 M
A plane of 50 ppl from china landed in Louisville with coronavirus
c0m3dy_g3n1u5  108 M
l0l th film sm0kin g ns on n0w. isa name of a orse. wana checkup wen it races nxt y0o d0ofus
b_yronpt3  57 M
IrritatingTGUNN  98 M
I'm goin back outside work in the wind. Later peeps
Look6  52
That I dont doubt gun i got 18inch
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