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robert42m  50 M
Was this happy thing determined through a consensus or something?
j_show  32
My Grandma english
j_show  32
My mum english
why do "blacks" control your happiness?
TropicalFish  94 M
To visit they like to give good clean image to tourists so no blacks
j_show  32
Eeerrrrrrrmmmmmmm I'm English as well
TropicalFish  94 M
That’s why they top 2 happiest countries down by even think they’re allowed
NookyMonster  52 M
Finland and Iceland don't have any blacks
TropicalFish  94 M
Anywhere where blacks paki or aborigines will make you feel unhappy
TropicalFish  94 M
We got pakis that’s as bad as blacks so that’s why we miserable too like US
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