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MeanAndEvil  100 F
Memo to self never invite yammers to the movies stingy as
wildwoman13  61 F
Don't get that high no more
xXkrazzyXx  47 F
the evil that men do
when ya get paid again Smoke?
lol Smoke
wildwoman13  61 F
Omg chestnuts do u know if keep doin it,it takes more 2 get u high cuz u
the Commodores EASY 1977
MeanAndEvil  100 F
I ain’t taking that to see a movie
Tap-Water-  100 M
but i am honestly not doing that like I was. i see things clearer now
Smokeumzz1  50 M
Can go to Dollar Tree and get a box of crunch and Munch toffee
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