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Juicee_K  31 F
Lol & ur a manly lookin bald chick who knows better than to upload a pic
Tu_lokito-lindo  35 M
MightyMidget  33 F
I got some fireball but it'll put me to sleep simba
Juicee_K  31 F
Lol u mold had posted she been to the abortion clinic a few times
u are a Mexican bh who needs 10 photoshop apps to make your photos cute
Mr_Gotham_City  42 M
Well I have to wake up early.
urmine27  37 F
it been age since i wasn't on this site and im surprised can apload a video
Bout to be in Houston for 1 week start doing 1 weekend per month
Juicee_K  31 F
Lol nah 1 of you quintuplets banning u they hungry
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