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Chazybaby00  39 M
Rep Shaka been Mad about my chat and his women lol
GReeneyesz  33 F
Ooh Chaz u an inspector gadget ahhkay
reeko u a white man cosplaying as a blood don't sen yo asz pc
Dirtundermyshoe  32 M
I'mma buy a case for Father's day doe green
sweet-heart7839  40 F
Lol.... Sure are Kev 😂
Computer_Love  32 M
✋ stop spreading lies mane
Dirtundermyshoe  32 M
I ain't had no moet since March 30th I was celebrating my pops bday
Computer_Love  32 M
Uh Roxy was Chaz friend before she even knew me
Chazybaby00  39 M
Investigation isn’t complete yet Green
Certified_Steppa  58 M
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