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Iluvme75  39 F
Two old white guys banned from a room because I hurt there feelings smh
Iluvme75  39 F
Nobody wants to SINGLE with u as u would say it lol
roserobert205  30
I'm looking for a serious relationship any man add me,, Robertros629@gmail
Latinboy2030  38
I think she want to mingle with me!!
Latinboy2030  38
bklyn09  39 M
Latinboy2030  38
Ooh yea I’m make mistakes
Sheesh it rained hard
Iluvme75  39 F
Lolol he's dork latinboy doesn't even know which way is up lol
Iluvme75  39 F
Lol he said he's MINGLE READY TO SINGLE lolol he's dummy lol
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