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The Elon Muck Report
supereddie - 2022-12-12
FBI interfered in the election
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Djack7-18 - 2023-05-19
So eddie; Comer's whistleblower disappeared, and Jordan's were frauds. Seems you have no whistleblowers at all, now.
Djack7-18 - 2023-05-19
The Durham report was a bust, Kari Lake had no evidence. Better find something new, like Ivanka says.
Stalin5 - 2023-05-19
But you know what they say about old dogs and new tricks...
Big__pump88 - 2023-05-19
wood1980 - 2023-05-19
House-Money - 2023-05-19
Republicans are collapsing in real time
House-Money - 2023-05-19
Their entire narrative is falling apart. DeSantis is a coward he is afraid to say Trump is a lying criminal
House-Money - 2023-05-19
There isn't one party member that has credibility. They are al lying cult members
House-Money - 2023-05-19
Not one of them stand with the constitution they all are on record as facist who want to install people instead of winning elections
House-Money - 2023-05-19
They don't believe in Democracy they don't believe in educating the electorate all they believe in is a lie

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