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would you considerj yourself poor?
NEWDREG2019 - 3 days ago
just asking?
DregNation - 3 days ago
x_zamez_x - 3 days ago
Just out ,the average aussie owns one million dollars
 44 M
jaybelly - 3 days ago
Very poor but happy
NATiiVE- - 3 days ago
Yorkshire-Buddha - 3 days ago
I don't think being a millionaire is considered being rich anymore....but aye I'm poor!
Agrivator69 - 3 days ago
And lamazz can't even afford to buy a shirt???
 101 M
supereddie - 3 days ago
correction they have not invented shirts in Australia yet. so far they are still developing their first investigation the stick
 62 M
Yorkshire-Buddha - 3 days ago
Success depends upon not the size of the dong but the elasticity of the anus................ancient ninja proverb!
DAILY-NEWS - 3 days ago
DomesReturn - 3 days ago
 30 F

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